Before we can setup technology to automate and facilitate our work, we need to understand the narratives and stories that we wish to tell. I divide these into two sections. Outflows and Inwork.

Outflows: How do I allow information to flow outwards?

I write every morning
I create art/music everyday
I write a daily post about my work
I post to a semi-public interest group (TCW)
I have a public website
I publish a daily newsletter to my subscribers
I pull out my best ideas and elaborate them into longer posts
I tag, feature, and organize my content to create a cohesive perspective
I produce content for paid members that reflects specific implementations of my ideas
I am able to take monthly and one time payments
I can syndicate content to the platforms of my choosing
I present a clear and powerful brand image

Inwork: How do I invite people in?
The Others are able to sign up to receive my work via email and text
The Others are able to find me via search, social media, and direct shares
The Others are able to book face to face time
The Others are able to connected to me directly via text whenever possible to facilitate direct conversation
The Others know how to share my work and where to direct others
The Others are able to clearly identify what I stand for

These are just a start. Start with the vision. From there we identify the narratives - the major arcs. What stories make up the narratives in your vision? Once we understand these, we can begin the work of creating processes that tell them. Automation can be a powerful tool, but if it doesn't tell a part of the right story, it's leading you somewhere you may not want to go.